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Serving Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Murrells Inlet and Pawleys Island since 1992


We can help "Bully Proof" your child 

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Adult Classes age 13 and up

Our diverse curriculum covers all of the principles of health, fitness, stress relief, and self defense techniques. 

Come and experience the mind, body, and spirit training that only a traditional martial arts program can offer. 

The goal at our dojo is to preserve the ancient fighting arts of Okinawa that included striking and kicking skills, throws, takedowns, ground fighting. We also teach the use of pressure points and joint locking techniques that utilize the martial science that was once a well guarded secret. We are the only dojo in South Carolina authorized to teach this material by the Dragon Society International.

Our varied program and range of martial arts knowledge teaches material from a few different styles of Okinawan Karate. Goju-Ryu, Matsumura Shorin-ryu and Hakutsuru White Crane. You can learn, train, & work out at your own pace. 

Gain the knowledge and skills to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Children's Classes

Ages 4 - 12 

Our martial arts classes are shocking parents at the kinds of results their children are seeing.

Unshakeable focus, confidence, self esteem, honor, courage, good manners, listening skills, and character development 

are all a natural outgrowth of our martial arts life skills program.

Promotions in our dojo are earned not given away or paid for.  The student learns success one step at a time. 

This Black Belt attitude prepares them for the future ahead and teaches them patience.  

 Fire safety, active shooter safety,  bully management, stranger danger awareness, and anti drug skills are taught on a regular basis.

Through our structured program students are taught to channel aggression and to focus their energy. Believe it or not we've seen plenty of kids get better grades and your child will be proud of their accomplishments in the dojo and at school. Many teachers are simply amazed by the level of respect kids in the martial arts give them. We have also been teaching in the Horry Country School System since 1997.

We will teach your child the character and confidence to stand up for themselves and others. They will learn discipline and hard work by setting and accomplishing goals which creates a desire for self improvement and learning. Our program will create the habits needed to grow into a physically and mentally healthy adult. Your child will learn a talent that they will be proud of. Not only does it look and feel very cool to their peers, but they will gain valuable skills that other activities don't provide. 

Our program is non- violent, safe and fun. It is for boys and girls and even for children that are non-athletic.

The above skills help your child for LIFE! Your child's Inner Potential Determination and future success are just a few martial arts classes away. Call us today so that we can help your child make the right decisions when you are not there.

 Please choose carefully when deciding on a dojo!

All martial arts are not the same. Just because your teacher is a "world champion" does not mean they are a qualified instructor.

All martial arts have not been tried and tested. All martial arts do not equate to self defense.

Find out why we are the better choice, have more value, and are different then all the other schools!


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